Baggy Sweaters

What are the baggy sweaters?

The baggy sweaters are the loose fitted dresses ideal for the winter season that can keep you warm. These kinds of sweaters can easily make you to look sloppy or shapeless if you don’t acquire a perfect style to fit with it. One may get the right Baggy Sweaters to be paired with the best of the designer wear dress material that can make you to look both cute and comfortable. These baggy sweaters are larger in size and can make you look lager than you have anticipated but with the perfect plan and the dressing sense you can regain back your body shape flaunting the best of these sweaters.

How to get the perfect fit?

Baggy sweaters have the quality to make you look large than you actually are. You may borrow the baggy sweater from your brother, father, husband or your boyfriend but that make you look shapeless. It is better to stick to the baggy sweaters that are made for the women. It may not be a slimming item in your wardrobe but it won’t get you look out of fashion. Nowadays the women baggy sweaters come with varied and beautiful designs that include the matrix effect or the polka dots.

Baggy SweatersChoose something skinny

As the baggy sweaters are over-sized and can get you to look shapeless, you are needed to pair it up with the skin items that you may have in your own closet. The skinny jeans are a good option that can fit these Baggy Sweaters. One may also complete the look by choosing the leggings and get the best of the tennis shoes, flats or the ballet shoes. If the sweater is loose and long, it is better to stick to the leggings.

Go by the layer

The baggy sweaters as are over-sized have the criteria to get off your shoulders considerably getting your bra strap to be visible. You can get your baggy sweater to be layered by another top may defend you from the visibility of the things that you don’t want to highlight. You can go for the camisole or the tank tops that can fit to the look and can never let your baggy sweater look any bulkier. If you are going for the tank tops, white is the best colour to choose from whereas if your choice stick to the camisole, better to go for the vibrant colours like the red, cobalt or the magenta. If you don’t want yourself to get layered you can go for the strapless bras and stick to natural coloured bras like the black or the nude one.

Limit your accessories

As the baggy sweaters always add a plenty of bulk in your look, it is better to stick to the limited accessories that may prevent your look from being over-done. You may hold your style with the long chains and the oversized pendants or you can even choose the bold earrings like the chandelier or the hoop style. Your look can even be completed if you roll up your sleeves and add a few of the bangles or the bracelets. The limited accessories in this baggy look can make you look more fashionable than you can think.

Online stores

There are several of the online stores who have exclusive sections of the baggy sweaters as these kinds of dresses are being taken up in wide range. They have the exclusive designs and the concepts that they have implemented in these sweaters to make it look more trendy and fashionable.

Some of the online shopping stores that have the hold on the baggy sweaters are:


One may get hold of the best of the baggy sweaters in town and junk it up with the skinny leggings and the light accessories. Though these sweaters get you to look much more than you actual size yet with proper pairing one may present it to be the best choice one can make. | | Lake Life EC | North Point City